We are delighted that Ascendant will be joining us all the way from California. This ambient duo comprises Chris Bryant, well-known in the ambient world from his solo releases as S1gns of L1fe, along with grammy-nominated mastering engineer Don Tyler, aka Phase47. Together, its a European debut not to be missed!

Ascendant brings together two forces in the ambient world to form an ambient duo like no other. Sonic soundscapes and drifting melodies of unearthly celestial origin define their sound as they offer listeners a taste of their own creativity and vision combined. Hailing from the Bay Area in California, S1gns Of L1fe specializes in deep texture, drones, and pulsing ambient rhythms, a quality his fans have come to recognize as his signature sound. From down the coast, Phase47 rises from the wreckage of Los Angeles and brings forth a sound stemming from his dark ambient and melodic roots. Their mission, to ascend. Their platform, the ambient super-group known as Ascendant.

S1gns Of L1fe has an incredible energy and passion for ambient music. He is a owner of the ambient website Ambient Online, for which he also produces a bi-weekly podcast featuring ambient tracks from members of the forum. Chris also fits in time as a sound designer, creating demos for various ambient soundbanks, and is a talented guitarist, running his own guitar school, the Chris Bryant Guitar School.

Ascendant have put together an unforgettable set for the Ambient Music Conference 2014, incorporating some of some existing favorites along with some stunning new material written especially for the event. We can't wait to hear it!

Listen to Ascendant

Listen to S1gns of L1fe

Listen to Phase47

  • Incentives
    All the way from California, modern rhythmic ambient.
  • Incentives
    Legendary Finnish electronic ambient band.
  • Incentives
    Solo act from the the UK - deep & contemplative.
  • Leisure Groups
    Veteran UK ambient & Berlin School producer with over 25 albums.
  • Incentives
    Unique early ambient sounds from Texas, USA

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