MASSERGY is the working name of music producer Eric Jensen. Born in Chicago, and now based in Texas, Eric is a self-taught synthesist and composer of ambient soundscapes.

MASSERGY was originally created to honor Jensen's late brother, an electronic musician who was killed in 2002. Without a musical background or training of any kind, Eric felt compelled to interpret and expand upon his brother's work. Eric spent nearly ten years crafting a style and developing original methods of programing, composing and recording before choosing to release music to the public.

MASSERGY's repetitive and melodic arrangements feature bold tones and warm textures that are reminiscent of early ambient music. Bypassing common standards of production, Jensen favors a blurry, distorted and resonant sound character that is distinctly his own.

Eric performs and captures all of his music nocturnally in a makeshift open-air studio located in the woods, so its fitting that the Finnish Nature Centre, Haltia, will be the venue for his debut performance in Europe. Scheduled to lead out the live performances on Saturday, ambient music fans are in for a really special treat.

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