We've hand-picked a group of truly talented artists with a range of styles across the ambient music spectrum. Everything from slow and atmospheric to pulsing and rhythmic, and from experienced old hands to young and talented newcomers.

During the day time sessions, we will hold some live performances together with the educational presentations. During the dinner break we will set up for a fantastic evening concert, featuring the legendary Finnish ambient band, Nemesis, the deep and contemplative work of Brit Simon Lomax, along with the hugely talented and inspirational duo from California, Ascendant.

A more exact programme will be available nearer to the event date.


During the morning and afternoon Conference sessions, artists will perform together with the educational presentations.

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Opening up the Conference, English and Norwegian electronic musicians Ambient Indigo and Northstar11 have collaborated to write some music to video of the Northern Lights & Scandinavian nature, exclusively for the event.

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Our first live artist will be Massergy, the working name of Texas-based music producer Eric Jensen. Eric is a self-taught synthesist and composer of ambient soundscapes, and his unique sound features repetitive and melodic arrangements with bold tones and warm textures reminiscent of early ambient music.

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Closing the afternoon session, is English solo ambient & Berlin School artist, Ivan Black. Ivan is a veteran with over 25 wide-ranging albums, including his newest ambient release, Light & Dark.

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The morning and afternoon conference sessions are followed by an evening concert (which can be purchased seperately) featuring 3 fantastic live performances.



Formed back in 1987 Nemesis are a legendary Finnish electronic ambient band having released 9 studio and 3 live albums. Veterans of numerous live shows, they perform with a host of traditional analog gear. Their sounds range from atmospheric ambient soundscapes to the pulsing rhythms of 70's Tangerine Dream.

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Brit Simon Lomax has a string of successful solo ambient releases under both his own name and formerly the moniker Maitreya. His deep and contemplative work has also been featured internationally on radio and TV.

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We are delighted that Ascendant will be joining us all the way from California. This ambient duo comprises Chris Bryant, well-known in the ambient world from his solo releases as S1gns of L1fe, along with grammy-nominated mastering engineer Don Tyler, aka Phase47. Together, its a European debut not to be missed!

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