The program begins on Friday June 27th with Registration in the Conference hotel at your leisure. On Friday evening will be our Networking Dinner, attended by participants and performers alike, followed by "Dark Ambient Night with the Finns". Saturday is split into a day time Conference session, which includes speakers and performers and much more, and then, after dinner, closes with an Evening Concert. On Sunday is an optional day trip to Tallinn, Estonia.

Further details are included below - note that exact timings may vary.

During the Day

Registration at the Conference hotel


Evening Networking Dinner
Meet the other participants of the Conference along with performers and organisers

21:00 - 02:00

Dark Ambient Night with the Finns


Hotel to venue transfer
Departure by coach from Conference hotel to the venue. Its a 45 minute journey.

10:00 - 12:30

Education & Performance
Further details of the sessions below

12:30 - 14:00

Lunch buffet is served in the venue restaurant .

14:00 - 17:30

Education & Performance
Continuation of the morning session.

17:45 - 19:45

Drinks & Dinner
Time to relax. Take a stroll around the nearby nature, or sit on the terrace with a cold beer in the venue bar before Dinner.
Dinner is included for those attending the Conference.

Pre-Concert Mix

Evening Concert


Venue to hotel transfer (for those who have booked full Saturday programme)


Day trip to Tallinn, Estonia
Further details to follow.

NETWORKING EVENING & dark ambient night with the Finns

The programme kicks off with a walk to a local restaurant for dinner (full details to follow). Participants, performers, speakers, and organisers alike all together.

Following on from the dinner we continue to a downtown venue where locally-respected ambient artist, performer, and composer Utu Lautturi will be headlining an event created especially for our conference guests. This promises to be a night of unforgettable drones and local madness that cannot be experienced anywhere else!
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KEYNOTE SPEAKER - STEPHEN HILL: Ambient Immersion from Caves to the Cosmos
Our Keynote Speaker is one of the biggest names in ambient music, California-based Stephen Hill, creator, producer, and host of the contemporary space music radio show Hearts of Space. Stephen also ran a succesful record business, and now operates an Internet streaming service for ambient, space-creating and contemplative music. In May 2013, Stephen organised Ambicon 2013, a 3 day festival of ambient and electronic music in San Rafael California.

LUFTRUM: Ambient Sound Design
Joining us from Denmark is world-renowned ambient sound designer Søren Hybel, aka Luftrum. His expertise with using live recordings for ambient sound design is highly respected in the industry, and he has worked for the likes of Camel Audio, Steinberg, and many others.

ANNEMARIE BORG: Ambient Music and Cetaceans: Vibrations and Communication
Annemarie Borg looks into the coming together of the visuals and sound recordings of iWhales with her own musical compositions, which have resulted in her next release Adagio in Nomine cetus. The presentation will include discussion, a short video with music, plus a live performance.

SIMON LOMAX: Creating Atmosphere: an Uncommon Guide to Sound Creation
One of our main performers, Simon Lomax, from the UK, is a music educator as well as an ambient artist. In this presentation using this unique insight Simon will help you get more out of your own writing and production process.


Prior to the morning, afternoon, and evening sessions we will play our own "Pre-Concert Mix" in the background featuring music exclusively from members of the audience. If you would like your own music included there, please tick the box on the registration form, and send a link to your music to us via email so we can review it.